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seared scallops

asparagus from the old country, watercress, pea-salsa, yuzu foam


flamed carabinero

aubergine-caviar, pimento, pistachio ducca, pomegranate

wagyu beef tatare and Imperial caviar

quial egg ravioli, flamed pearl onions, pine nut vinaigrette

breton cod poached in nut butter whey 

crispy Pancetta, marinated pear, dill, verjus

Crepinette of the Miéral quail

braised chicory, fermented blood orange, Lovage cream, Sauce Albufera

Joselito pork shoulder and crispy pork belly

wild broccoli, Topinambur, "Pimonteser"-hazelnut, cherrywood jus


Galician saddle of veal and sweetbreads

glazed chanterelles, Powerade, Tarragon, fermented long pepper jus

young rhubarb and raspberry

pickled rhubarb, Madagascar vanilla, raspberry vinaigrette, sorrel sorbet


gateaux by original Beans Piura

marinated medlars, peanut, Szechuan pepper, red and green shiso

nine course: 298 €

eight course: 274 €

seven course: 258 €

six course: 244 €

You can be acoompanied with selected wines corresponding to the stary hours by Holger Bodendorf

We are pleased to offer you raw milk cheese from Maître Affineur Waltmann

A enjoyable evening wishes 

Holger Bodendorf and the Landhaus Stricker Team