A good idea! This is why we work closely with a bicycle rental company in Westerland where you can not only rent city cruisers and fully suspended tracking bikes, but also tandems and e-bikes (subject to advance booking).

You would like to take your kids or dogs on a bike tour across the island? Simply inform us when arriving and we reserve infant seats, child transporters, dog baskets or dog transporters for you. Bicycle helmets of all sizes are likewise available.

The bike rental company delivers the requested bikes to the hotel parking area and picks them up again there.

Invoicing is done in an uncomplicated manner at reception when you depart. In order to prevent you from getting lost, we provide you with a free of charge island map which shows different bike lanes and routes.



If you are looking for more information, please feel free to contact us by telephone
T +49 (0) 4651 8899-0

or by using the >e-mail form.


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